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More Housing, More Reasons to Find Expert Atlanta Siding Contractors

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 by Chris Roselli

After a rough few years, the demand for brand-new houses and apartments in Georgia has spiked up once again. According to the Gainesville Times, the state has seen one of the highest gains in the recovering national housing market at 14.4 percent, though some households are still reeling from the 2008 downturn. While this trend can still change dramatically in the following weeks or months, for now, things look promising at the very least:

“We are seeing a slight uptick in home prices as the market tightens up, and we probably have a four-month supply of housing today,” said Frank Norton Jr., president of Gainesville’s The Norton Agency. “So, we are undersupplied, and the demand is pretty strong, at least in price points under ($250,000) — that’s the sweet spot.

“We expect to see prices continue to move up 4-6 percent a year. I don’t think we’re going to see a huge soar in prices.”

A reinvigorated real estate market means more houses are going to be set up in Gainesville-Hall County and elsewhere in Georgia, which in turn equates to more reasons to work with reputable contractors that can be trusted with the huge demand for home construction and renovation that will follow. When it comes to hiring Atlanta siding contractors, professionals from established companies like Nehemiah ReConstruction should be on the list of homeowners and real estate professionals alike. Professionalism and high-quality workmanship are the bywords of these leading contractors – traits that are sometimes overlooked by several homeowners.

Always keep in mind that only licensed and experienced contractors can guarantee an excellent siding job, whether it involves complete installation or just some basic repairs. Not only do these people have the proper licenses and certifications to actually work with siding, they also have partnerships with well-known siding manufacturers, which grant them various discounts and privileges that will benefit their clients as well. Such partnerships can also indicate that contractors have been factory-trained and certified by the manufacturers themselves; further proving that they’re the best people to hire when a homeowner wants a particular brand of siding.

As one of the best siding contractors in Atlanta, Woodstock, and Marietta, Nehemiah ReConstruction can help new homeowners to take advantage of the booming real estate market in Georgia by building reliable and sturdy homes with high-quality cladding.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Home prices are down, but sales may be improving, Gainesville Times, November 20, 2013)

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